In 2017, the NSW Government, through the Department of Primary Industries, commenced consultation with a selected number of member groups around proposed changes to the draft Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Breeding Dogs and Cats, Animals in Pet Shops) Standards and Guidelines.

The greyhound sector was originally omitted from direct consultation, given the Department of Racing it is expected will undertake the code of practice review that oversees racing greyhounds through the NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission.

The NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association, has however undertaken discussion with the Department of Primary Industries with regards to the standards and guidelines, given their potential impact on the greyhound industry in both shaping future codes of practice and any time between code development.

The Association will in coming weeks undertake it's own submission to the Department of Primary Industries, in line with the consultation requirements. Members may choose to make a private submission, details of how to undertake this submission are provided below:


In 2015 a Parliamentary Inquiry was conducted into companion animal breeding practices across NSW. In February 2016, the NSW Government released its response to the recommendations made by the Companion Animals Breeding Practices (CABP) inquiry. These recommendations included significant changes to companion animal breeding practices in NSW.

In line with recommendations of the CABP Joint Select Committee, the Animal Welfare Advisory Council (AWAC) has reviewed the Animal Welfare Codes of Practice - Breeding Dogs and Cats, and Animals in Pet Shops, and provided advice on improvements.

Draft Standards and Guidelines

The draft Standards and Guidelines have been developed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries in consultation with AWAC. Support documents:

      Breeding Dogs and Cats


The attached discussion papers seek feedback on targeted questions relating to the draft standards and guidelines. These matters include staff responsibilities, quality management systems, animal housing, animal health, transfer of ownership, special requirements, breeding and rearing and humane destruction.

To ensure comments are understood, please make them under the relevant question (Appendix A in the Discussion Paper). If comments do not relate to a listed focus area, a general comments section is provided at the end of each feedback form. The discussion papers provided have been developed to cover areas of significant change from the current enforceable codes of practice. 

Please provide responses by 5pm, Monday 5 February 2018 via mail or email.

Feedback can be provided by completing the feedback forms at Appendix A in the discussion papers and:

Mailing to:

Animal Welfare

Biosecurity and Welfare

Department of Primary Industries

Breeding / Pet Shop S&G consultation

161 Kite St

Orange NSW 2800


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