The NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association this week joined a chorus of primary industry associations calling for the closure of

The website, which provides a centralised repository of race courses, racing training facilities, farms, meatworks and dairies, seeks to gather information relating to claims of animal abuse.

In calling for the closure of the website, the NSW GBOTA Chairman, Mr Joe Cotroneo, highlighted existing controls for ensuring concerns can be reported and investigated, relative to the greyhound industry.

“The NSW Greyhound Racing industry already has strong oversight from regulators such as the NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission,” Mr Cotroneo said.

“The Commission has already increased the number of property inspections undertaken since their implementation, and are responsible for the investigation and response to allegations put before them.

“Further to this, organisations such as the RSPCA sit a further step removed, and act where required.

“ only seeks to encourage vigilante behaviour and breach people’s privacy. The site already contains images of people without their consent, as well as lifting images from personal accounts on sites such as Facebook,” Mr Cotroneo added.

“Like so many farming sectors, greyhound properties regularly have children around. What benefit comes from providing an aerial image of a property, GPS coordinates and contact details for each property?” Mr Cotroneo said.

Mr Cotroneo encouraged NSW participants to follow the lead of Australian Farmers and:

  1. Check to see if you’re on the map (see here)
  2. Request information be removed (click here)
  3. File a formal complaint with the Australian Government’s Office of the Australian Information Commission (click here)
Registered participants which do have any unknown person trespass on their property, should contact their nearest police station and report the matter to the NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission, where they have concerns for the security and integrity of their greyhounds.  NSW GWIC’s hotline number is:  1800 951 755