The NSW GBOTA extends its thanks and congratulations to GRNSW and the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson for last week’s landmark announcement to increase prizemoney by over $3M for 2019/20 which will see regional participants benefit the most. This positive move recognises the width and breadth of the State greyhound racing covers, and the importance of TAB racing to making the sport a viable proposition for many participants.

The NSW GBOTA welcomes on going engagement with GRNSW on how the NSW greyhound industry can continue to ensure maximum returns to participants, while developing a system which encourages continual improvement.

While acknowledging GRNSW is presented with a range of competing priorities for prizemoney distribution, the NSW GBOTA will actively continue to pursue two key areas over the coming 6-12months:

  1. Increases to Metropolitan racing to further enhance aspirational racing, which not only ensures the top tier of racers stay in NSW, but also drives improvements to the breeding ranks and future industry investment.  The NSW GBOTA believes strongly, that NSW should host two Metropolitan meetings weekly, in line with Victorian practices.
  2. Increases to Country (non tab) racing. The sector remains important to the longevity of many greyhounds racing career, as well as providing opportunities for greyhounds which are not competitive on the TAB circuit.

Critical to the NSW GBOTA’s assessment of prizemoney, is the review of stakes movement since the implementation of the Racing Welfare Fund in 2014/15. While the fund has since been disbanded, Category A2 prizemoney in particular has not returned to pre 2014/15 levels.  GRNSW has today announced, to help address this concern, from July 1 Wednesday metropolitan meetings (category A2) will be graded as a category B meeting, while retaining prizemoney at current levels. This change will both allow two (2) fifth grade wins, as well as ensure a greyhound is not penalised at other category B meetings after a greyhound wins one Wednesday metropolitan event. While acknowledging the move seeks to address a part of the concern, the NSW GBOTA believes metropolitan racing needs to be a focus of the next prizemoney increases.

The NSW GBOTA will continue to both lobby government for the industry’s fair share of funding to deliver these returns to participants. In addition, assessment of industry spend must continue to occur, to ensure funds now flowing from PoCT, Tax Harmonisation and increases in Race Fields Legislation assist in delivering industry improvements including prizemoney returns, infrastructure investment and industry sustainability.