Media Release

Ladbrokes Glorious Golden Easter Egg Prizemoney 2022


Over the past two years as a result of the COVID pandemic, Greyhounds Clubs Australia have provided all Greyhound Clubs throughout Australia “commercial flexibility” in relation to the prizemoney criteria for all Group races.

Consistent with this flexibility, the prizemoney for the 2021 Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg was set at $250,000 first place, $40,000 second place and $25,000 third place plus $1,000 for all unplaced runners.

When the 2021/2022 budget was approved, the 2021 Ladbrokes Glorious Golden Easter Egg prizemoney levels were retained, however, a further allocation of $500,000 was approved to be spent on additional prizemoney for participants across all NSW GBOTA tracks, across all grades of races.


Over the weekend, discussions took place with the GCA Chief Executive following a question raised in relation to the 2022 prizemoney levels for the Golden Easter Egg. The GCA Chief Executive acknowledged the “flexibility” available to Clubs over the past 2 years advising that there was an opportunity to retain the advertised prizemoney.

However, I have advised him that the NSW GBOTA Board had unanimously agreed to increase the prizemoney for second and third place by a combined $23,000 so as to meet the criteria.

I am pleased to advise that Prizemoney for the 2022 Ladbrokes Glorious Golden Easter Egg will now be $250,000 first place, $55,000 second place and $33,000 third place ($338,000 prize money in total) and $1,000 for all unplaced runners.

Our best wishes are extended to all involved in our Glorious event on Saturday night and here’s to safe, competitive and exhilarating racing.


Steve Noyce

General Manager