Following heats of the Centrebet Magic Maiden and Macro Meats New Sensation over the weekend, the Semi-Final qualifiers have been announced.

Qualifiers for the two Group 3 events are provided, not in box draw order. Box Draws for these events, as well as the Hotham Body Repairs Association Cup and Ultra Sense will be released on Tuesday, March 19.

Pre box draw qualifiers for the Centrebet Magic Maiden Semi-Finals are:

Semi A: Tricky Jade, Black Rip, John’s Joy, Clockwise, Hope’s Fancy, Major Khan, Dither, Rev Me Up. Reserves: Diamond Chief, Black Revolver

Semi B: Lochinvar Brando, Travelling Joe, Doo Wop Hooligan, Clonakilty Man, Caboul, Chevy Silverado, Magic And More, Evil Punk Reserves: Stonebrook, Gaudi

Semi C: Palucka, Zipping Simba, Tollo, Droopy’s Jenmar, Got The Life, Gazmick’s Gift, Chevy Spark, Little Red Reserves: Unorthodox, Zulu Zues

Semi D: Ibrox Digger, Good Odds Demon, Cloud Ten, Sparra Lee, Kool Mac, Vinny Kreuger, Mike Marlow, Flaming Frenzy Reserves: Queen Esther, Sonic Zone

Pre box draw qualifiers for the Macro Meats New Sensation Semi-Finals are:
Semi A: Fast Archer, Super Colossal, Mystic Fancy, Jonardo, Sydenham Joe, Bee’s Thunder, Cawbourne Hitman, Tiggerlong Rum. Reserves: Superior Izmir, John’s Son

Semi B: Charmed Assassin, Sanjuan Slim, Sydenham Pearl, Cawbourne Classy, Camouflage Model, What A Player, Magic Opinion, Midnight Rush. Reserves: Honey Chicken, Creepy Coupe

Semi C: Lachland Loaded, Tricky Business, One Inch Punch, Lightning Lulu, Scout’s Gold, Spud Gun, Dark Assassin, Vivian Bale. Reserves: Cawbourne Crazy, Cawbourne Nitro

Semi D: Johnny Fire, Rigs, Helena Izmir, Crosby Stills, Haven, Cawbourne Brodie, Notty Hornblower, Nan’s Girl. Reserves: Cawbourne Sparky, Cawbourne Witch

Further information can be obtained from the NSW GBOTA on 02 85871210.