GRNSW this week confirmed its TAB race dates structure for 2013/14.

Normal TAB date allocations and time slots were retained by the NSW GBOTA’s Gosford, Maitland, Bathurst and Lismore operations.

The NSW GBOTA’s Bulli operation has been shifted from Monday nights to Wednesday nights and, for the first time, Category C TAB meetings have been introduced to Wentworth Park.

The Bulli Wednesday night initiative represents a return to the Bulli’s traditional home. NSW GBOTA Chairman, Geoff Rose, said that the Wednesday night slot presented Bulli with a far more attractive business opportunity.

“Bulli is a premier track and, as the only one turn track servicing inner and outer metropolitan and southern based trainers, it is strategically very important to the industry,” said Mr Rose.

“The Wednesday slot will present the track with a far greater opportunity to realise its potential.”

The introduction of Category C TAB meetings at Wentworth Park has been achieved as a result of the NSW GBOTA agreeing to transfer its current non TAB dates to the city circuit. These meetings will be conducted on Monday nights.

Whilst the NSW GBOTA has determined to transfer its Appin non TAB dates to Wentworth Park, Appin will still continue to provide trialling services and Directors intend working with Friends of Appin Way with a view to staging some self funded race meetings at Appin.

NSW GBOTA Geoff Rose explained that the Appin to Wentworth Park transfer was a further example of the Association’s intention to convert as much of its non TAB product to TAB as was possible.

Mr Rose added that the Wentworth Park brand needed to be worked harder and that the Monday night meetings would present some excellent programming options.

“The TAB C meetings will present as a lower grade option for metropolitan trained greyhounds and also be welcomed by a wider set of trainers looking to introduce their greyhounds to Wentworth Park”, explained Mr Rose.

“The meetings will certainly be more viable at Wentworth Park than Appin and we think with considered programming, they can in fact enhance the quality of racing on Fridays and Saturdays.”

The NSW GBOTA is confident that Appin/Wentworth Park changes will be of net industry benefit but will work with GRNSW at an appropriate time in 2013/2014 to review actual outcomes with a view to the future.

Media Flag: A transcript of a full interview with the NSW GBOTA Chairman, Geoff Rose, will be posted on the NSW GBOTA website at 12noon on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.