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NSW GBOTA applauds establishment of independent taskforce


Tuesday, February 17, 2015



The NSW GBOTA has applauded the immediate establishment by GRNSW of an independent taskforce to investigate the extent of live baiting within the NSW greyhound industry.

The establishment of the taskforce, which will be headed by former High Court justice, the Honourable Michael McHugh AC, QC, follows media coverage by the ABC on its Four Corners programme yesterday in which live baiting vision at training facilities in three States was shown.

NSW GBOTA Executive Officer, Brenton Scott, described the vision as horrific, inconceivably cruel and completely indefensible.

“Live baiting is an illegal practice and represents animal cruelty at its worst,” said Mr. Scott.

“Despite considerable funds being expended by controlling bodies across Australia on animal welfare, integrity and rule compliance grounds, the Four Corners programme has shown extreme weaknesses exist in current regulation processes.

“Given this, the independent taskforce, which will assess training methods and arrangements and controls that need to be in place at trial tracks, is welcomed and supported.”

The NSW GBOTA conducts racing at seven venues throughout NSW and will continue to provide racing and trialling services that are legal, rule compliant and consistent with best practice animal welfare standards.

In addition, and despite the revelations on Four Corners, the NSW GBOTA believes that the vast majority of NSW participants partake in greyhound racing in an appropriate and law abiding manner.

Accordingly, the NSW GBOTA condemns the action of those that have been identified as being involved in live baiting and supports the strongest possible action being taken against the offenders by controlling authorities and law enforcement agencies. 

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