GRNSW today received the following nominations for the 2016 Nationals series, with the NSW heats to be conducted at Wentworth Park on Saturday, August 6.

Sprint nominations (shown in top grade down order)

Knight Sprint

Cash In Motion

Magic Spring

Ritza Lenny

El Magnifico

Fantastic Skye

Zambora Idol

Tilly's Boy

Good Odds Angel

Dandy Jack

Bessy Boo



Reefton Treasure

Vintage Rox

One Samuel

Runaway Idole

Barking Bad

Good Odds Bricky

Stench Of Power

Lord Golec  (2nd preference nomination in for Distance series)


Sable Swag


Distance nominations (shown in top grade down order)

More In Store



Mr Boy Brodie

Katie The Weapon

Angry Thunder

Obi Kenobi

Cawbourne Bright


Brad Hill Billy (2nd preference nomination in for Sprint series)

Madliena Girl

Hooter Harnett

Celestial Folk

Miss Foxy Lee

Ella Has Class

Tommy The Weapon

Runaway Bono

Whispering Soul