NSW GBOTA is proud to announce the appointment of four trainee track curators, who will learn the fine art of track preparation while completing a Certificate II in Horticulture.

Wentworth Park track manager Graham Isles described the importance of training enthusiast participants who will gain vital skills to utilise in their future endeavours in the industry.

“It’s great we get the opportunity to teach them from scratch about all aspects of track curation.”

“In conjunction with their studies, the practical component will allow them to be trained by our experts and learn skills that can make them successful in a variety of industries.”

Given the importance of ensuring track surfaces are safe for greyhounds to compete on, it is crucial to ensure the industry is preparing the next generation, including unexpected events that require emergency maintenance.

In conjunction with these appointments, NSW GBOTA are also in the process of engaging a trainee graphic designer to assist with promoting our sport and most importantly keeping up with the day-to-day trends in social media.

- Dimity Maher -