The Australian Federation of Greyhound Breeders Owners and Trainers Association met for its Annual Conference in Sydney recently and confirmed its position on various issues before the greyhound racing industry.


NSW GBOTA Chairman, Geoff Rose, said the meeting had been very successful, adding that it was clear there was a deep commitment to reform and change by participants throughout Australia.


“More than 2000 participants from all over Australia were represented by delegates at the table and there was an amazing level of common ground achieved,” said Mr. Rose.


“Whilst all delegates held the view that media coverage of the industry in recent months had been somewhat imbalanced, they were also totally committed to supporting change that would ensure we have an ethical and sustainable business model going forward.


“From a racing perspective, this means total commitment to modern training techniques, to improving breeding outcomes through a higher reliance on science and research, to creating more racing opportunities for a smaller number of greyhounds bred, to best practice animal welfare standards and safety for our greyhounds.


“And post racing our commitment to the greyhounds must be just as strong via support for a variety of retirement options.”


The AFGBOTA has prepared a position statement and a fact sheet (both attached) which summarises the discussion and decisions made at the Conference.


In addition, Office Bearers were elected as follows:


President: Brenton Wilson (Queensland)

Senior Vice President: Sue Absalom (New South Wales)

Junior Vice President: Geoff Collins (Victoria)

Executive Officer: Judi Hurley (NSW GBOTA)


The NSW GBOTA is a founding member of the AFGBOTA and remains totally committed to the need for a national voice for participants.


In coming months, AFGBOTA will be contributing to submissions made to the NSW Special Commission of Inquiry, re-vamping its website and also looking to engage effectively on the national platform, including the intention to propose a consultative relationship with Greyhounds Australasia.


Please find a copy of the AFGBOTA Fact Sheet and Position Statement are available below.

Position Statement (PDF)


AFGBOTA Fact Sheet (PDF)