The NSW GBOTA has this week undertaken efforts, in conjunction with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services, to promote responsible driving behaviour over the forthcoming festive season.

Over the next eight weeks patrons attending any of the 16 race meetings scheduled at Wentworth Park in Sydney’s Inner West, will be able to seek information relating to the Roads and Maritime Services “Don’t Rush” campaign.

In addition the RTA has assisted with the installation a breathalyser, located next to the track’s Race Night office to better assist patrons in making informed decisions on how to make their way home from a night out.

NSW GBOTA Executive Officer, Brenton Scott, said working with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services was important to the Association.

“Over coming week’s, Wentworth Park will have patrons attend celebrating the holiday season, we want to make sure we can equip race goers with the right information to make informed decisions on leaving our venue.

“The installation of the breathalyser means those which have had an alcoholic beverage can get an immediate indication of their blood alcohol level before deciding on whether they should find another method of transport home,” Scott said.

“We are fortunate to be located so close to public transport including the light rail which is only (a few hundred meters away) and buses which stop on Parramatta Road, so really everyone has a safe option when leaving.

” With participants travelling to tracks throughout the year the inclusion of the “Don’t Rush” campaign was also important to the Association.

“Owners and trainers are constantly on the road and we want to do our best to ensure all arrive safely at their destination,” Scott added.

The NSW GBOTA intends to continue working with the Roads and Maritime Services to promote Road Safety, particularly as millions of viewers expected to tune into feature events at Wentworth Park in coming months, including; the AAA Radiator Specialists Christmas Gift (December 10 and 17) Globe Memorial Plate (January 7 and 14) and the Macro Meats Golden Easter Egg Carnival from March until April 2012.