The NSW GBOTA confirmed this week that it fully supported ongoing analysis of all issues connected to the Boxing Day incident at Wentworth Park which resulted in Asa Killa Queen being presented and racing in place of kennel mate Il Bacaro. 

Asa Killa Queen competed in place of Il Bacaro and was placed first across the line in its race prior to an identification error being detected. Il Bacaro was subsequently disqualified from the race and bets placed on him declared lost. 

The NSW GBOTA Executive Officer, Brenton Scott, acknowledged that the incident had impacted negatively on the image of greyhound racing. 

“Despite having procedures and training in place, including detailed position specifications and training sign off, errors were made,” said Mr. Scott. 

“In reaction, the employees involved were stood down but provided with appropriate support, including the option for return to work training. 

“We cannot rewind the clock but we can make sure that we react responsibly and in a manner where the risk of a similar error occurring in the future is eradicated.” 

In a media announcement released late last week, GRNSW confirmed that a stewards’ inquiry into the Il Bacaro incident had resulted in penalties being issued to two NSW GBOTA employees involved in identification procedures. The announcement neglected to advise that both employees had lodged appeals or the fact that these appeals would not be heard until later this month. 

The GRNSW media announcement also confirmed GRNSW’s disappointment with the NSW GBOTA employees and the participants connected with the presentation of the incorrect greyhound. The NSW GBOTA notes that there has been no suggestion that the incident arose other than from a mistake.  There has been no suggestion of impropriety.  

Whilst accepting the criticism of its role in the incident, the NSW GBOTA was surprised that GRNSW was comfortable in absolving itself from any portion of blame. 

“It is clear from the rules of greyhound racing that that GRNSW stewards are in charge of all integrity functions at a greyhound race meeting and all staff involved with administering the rules are under their ultimate supervision,” stated Mr. Scott. 

“The rules, quite specifically, require GRNSW stewards to take a role in the identification of greyhounds at race meetings.  

“The facts are GRNSW stewards and club employees work together regarding all race night kennelling arrangements and all parties should be prepared to openly and collectively assess contributing factors to any of the failings.” 

The GRNSW media announcement also advised that GRNSW had undertaken an internal review of the rules and had determined that no change was required following the incident. It was not made clear what rule changes were considered by GRNSW that might better deal with this type of incident and not result in wagering customers losing their investments. 

The NSW GBOTA is to further communicate with GRNSW in this regard. 

Further inquiries can be made with: 

Brenton Scott, Executive Officer, NSW GBOTA 

Ph: 02 8587 1206 or email: