Participants are advised that the NSW GBOTA has made contact with GRNSW and the NSW Government Taskforce with regards to the requirement for greyhounds to be registered within 3 weeks of Mr Baird's announcement on July 7.

All parties are seeking to obtain the correct information as quickly as possible.

We have asked specific questions with regards to:

  • Brood bitches just served or in pup
  • Pups whelped and not yet registered
  • Pups up to 3months (identification stage)
  • 3months onwards

Please check back regularly for the information, which we will post as soon as we can.

The announcement referred to is available here

 Department of Justice is also a reference point and can be accessed here

UPDATE 8pm 11/7 - We are still seeking information from the Department of Justice and GRNSW. We are endeavouring to get this resolved this urgently.