Owners, breeders and trainers in the NSW greyhound racing industry have reacted to the release of the report into the ‘Keinbah’ investigation with a continued and united commitment to change.

“The findings are a great disappointment and confirm that the greyhound industry has had issues that must be, and are being, confronted,” said Brenton Scott, Chief Executive, NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association. 

“The death of any greyhound, without proper reason, is unacceptable and the industry must continue to maintain a position of zero tolerance. Any position less than this is part of our past, it is not part of our future.

“The Keinbah investigation does reinforce the industry’s commitment to total accountability during the past 18 months.

“The independent investigation released today represents the third inquiry, each of which materialised as a result of greyhound racing participant complaints. This commitment to the investigation reinforces a level of openness and transparency which is critical to the change journey the industry is on.

“This unacceptable behaviour happened before the industry began its program of reform. In the last year the industry has proactively introduced robust and wide-ranging reforms to improve animal welfare in the industry. There has been a commitment to change across the entire industry to ensure improved regulation and supervision and the eradication of any unacceptable behaviour involving our greyhounds.

“Although disappointing, this investigation and the report is another step on our pathway to change and continued reform and we must confront these issues of the past as the industry moves forward.

“The greyhound racing industry is currently formulating and documenting our industry reform plan that will allow the Premier to not only consider but to quantify our success in meeting the challenges placed on our industry by Commissioner McHugh.  

“The greyhound racing industry has changed and will continue to change to absolutely ensure all participants act in a manner that meets community expectations in relation to the welfare of animals.”



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