The NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance has made four absolute guarantees of action to the government and the community demonstrating the industry’s commitment to reform. The guarantees were given this morning in a meeting with the NSW Premier, the Hon Mike Baird MP and the NSW Deputy Premier, the Hon Troy Grant MP.

“We are committed to a plan that will ensure we meet the expectations of the community and can still operate a viable and sustainable industry,” said Brenton Scott, Chief Executive, NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers’ Association. “We appreciate the Premier listening to our plan for the future this morning.”

The industry has guaranteed the following:

– Total life cycle management of all our greyhounds including every greyhound unable to race and all retired greyhounds.

– A controlled breeding programme including the immediate restriction of 2000 greyhounds annually for NSW racing purposes.

– Zero tolerance for animal cruelty, including live baiting, punishable by a life time ban for any infringement.

– Providing the most stringent, safest racing environment to eliminate avoidable injury.

Behind each of these guarantees is a detailed action plan to demonstrate how the industry expects to be able to meet these

commitments. The action plans include breeding quotas, a grading system for racing dogs, more funding for adoption programs and an industry Code of Practice enforceable by a world leading regulatory and supervisory structure.

“Important to the community is the fact that our plan for the future means that every greyhound bred will live out a full and natural life whether as a racing dog, adopted as a family pet, or as the responsibility of its owner or the industry,” said Scott.

“We are confident that we can meet these guarantees. We have thoroughly researched the issues. The modelling that we have done, plus case studies from other states and overseas, demonstrates that this is all viable and achievable.

“We are open to independent credible modelling to further check our future capability inclusive of these strong reforms and infrastructure upgrades. We are just asking for a fair go and a chance to demonstrate that we can change.”

“I believe the Premier showed an understanding of the impact of his decision and we are happy to work with him further to demonstrate the viability of our industry. We hope he agrees to work with us as we are confident we have a viable industry inclusive of the animal welfare guarantees we presented to him today.”