Participants are advised that trials on Tuesday, March 7 will operate differently this week only, given scheduling of Performance Trials for the Group 3 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Session.

The session will work as follows, and presents the opportunity for Maiden dogs not competing in the Performance Trials to expose their runner to raceday kenneling procedures.

Kennels open 5.45pm

  • Open to Performance Trial runners; presented with raceday papers
  • Open to standard trialling greyhounds for the evening; 18 kennels available. Greyhounds will be subject to a veterinary check and issuing of a kennel pass

Kennels close 6.15pm


Performance Trials 6.45pm – 7.15pm

Trials will be conducted as per standard Performance Trial procedures.

No kennel access will be available during this time for normal trial greyhounds.


Standard trials 7.20-8.30pm

Tickets will be sold in front of the Grandstand. Tickets sold from 5.45pm on first served basis.

Greyhounds which have been kenneled will not be permitted to be removed from the kennels until the final performance trial is run.

Kennels will be opened after 7.30pm once all swabs are undertaken for bookings to be kenneled.  


Arm Trials 8.30pm-11pm

Bookings through NSW GBOTA Head Office, up until 3pm Tuesday 7/3/17. Bookings will be made in 4 minute slots. Phone 02 85871202 for bookings