Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has transferred the Gosford meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 14 and 21 March to The Gardens due to the Gosford track being unsuitable for racing and trialling.

Trials will be off until further notice. 

The decision was made to transfer the meeting after a track inspection on Thursday revealed the Gosford track to have significant issues with the track base as a result of recent heavy rainfall and a number of legacy issues related to the track construction. 

The main area of concern is that old track base contents are rising up through the racing surface, presenting a number of safety concerns. 

One of the major causes of this issue is due to historical track construction methods and standards that were undertaken prior to the appointment of dedicated track maintenance staff at GRNSW in 2014 and the introduction of minimum track standards in 2015. 

These outdated methods and standards implemented years ago mean that the foundations of the track base and the integrity of the base levels, grades and sand composition are compromised. The issues at Gosford are magnified when extreme weather events occur such as heavy rainfall.

GRNSW and the NSW GBOTA have been working on addressing the track base issues, but more time is required before the poor components of the sand and the track base are completely removed from the track. 

In the interim, GRNSW and the NSW GBOTA are working on remedial solutions to ensure racing can resume at Gosford as soon as possible. 

Due to the meeting transfer, nominations for The Gardens meeting on Tuesday, 14 March have been extended to 9am on Friday. Participants who nominated for the Gosford meeting and intend for their greyhounds to race at The Gardens on Tuesday will need to re-nominate. 

The scheduled Ladbrokes Monthly Medal event for Gosford have been put on hold until Gosford return to racing. Further details will be provided once available.