The NSW GBOTA has decided to open tonight's trial session due to last night's power outage abandoning the meeting. Saturday trials after the last are typically restricted to participants which have a runner in the meeting, however given Friday nights adandoment field and solo trials into the pen will be opened to all owners and trainers. Tickets must be purchased prior to Race 8 at the Race Night Office. Preference for positions in the kennels will be given to participants with runners in tonight's meeting. Wentworth Park Races 4-10 were abandoned for Friday 22/6 due to a power outage in the area. Management contacted relevant companies regarding the outage in the area and was advised power could be out until 10pm. Stewards gave the meeting until 8.40pm, at which point the meeting was abandoned due to no power. Race 4 - 10 have been abandoned with Race 3 The Gosford to Wenty Final to be redawn next Friday as per box draw. Greyhounds previously scratched will be reinstated for race, as they will no longer be under stand down period.