Directors of the NSW GBOTA advise that an upgrade of the Wentworth Park catching pen and surrounds is nearing finalisation.

Works completed to this point include upgrading of the fencing, replacement of sand in the catching pen and upgrading of drainage in the catching pen and run-off areas surrounding the catching pen.

Works still in progress include landscaping of the surrounding area and the installation of new padding. The new padding will be installed progressively over coming weeks.

The landscaping will be completed over the next week and will involve laying of turf.  The turf will ultimately make the area far more suitable for emptying of greyhounds.

The turf, however, will need time to establish and hence trainers will be restricted from using the area in the immediate future.

Despite access to this area being restricted, trainers will still be able to park in the leger on race nights and the external car park (adjacent to the kennel house) is able to be used on Monday night trial sessions as well as race nights.