The NSW GBOTA has made contact with GRNSW, with regards to the transfer of meeting from The Gardens to Gosford and Richmond in October, while remedial works are undertaken.

The date transfer was brought to the attention of the Association on September 8, at which time the NSW GBOTA provided feedback that the transfer of meetings out of the Hunter region was not in the interest of participants.

Further efforts were made by the NSW GBOTA to request local consultation with participants and that the meetings from The Gardens should be transferred to the combination of Gosford and Maitland in the view of the NSW GBOTA.

The Association has requested GRNSW consider a review of this decision based upon the feedback from participants and the Association, the potential impact upon Hunter and connecting regions and likely nomination flow impacts upon Wentworth Park.

The NSW GBOTA understands the frustrations of its members on this matter, and will continue to advocate for the meetings to remain in the Hunter regions.