Participants are reminded that the GRNSW Race Day Hydration and Hot Weather Policy has the summer trialling conditions come in to effect on November 1. 

The policy stipulates: 

Between the first day of November and the last day of February each year, or on days outside this period where the weather is forecast to reach 32°C or rise above 32°C the following will apply to all race meetings:

1. No reserve trials are to be conducted.

2. All clearance trials are to be booked in by 9am on the day of the relevant race meeting by contacting GRNSW. Any greyhound that is not booked in will not be permitted to trial.

3. For trainers with greyhounds drawn to race at the meeting, the Clubs may take bookings for trialling after the last race only up to the maximum number of kennels available. If no kennels are available, trials must be denied unless the greyhound is housed in an air-conditioned trailer or an air-conditioned vehicle.

4. Any other greyhound trialling after the last race must arrive no more than 20 minutes prior to the end of the race meeting.

5. The car parks will be monitored by integrity and compliance officers for any breach of this policy

The full Policy is available here

Participants are also advised that due to Group 1 Vic Peters swabbing requirements, reserve trials will not be permitted, October 28 at Wentworth Park. There will be no kennels available for post meeting trials.