About Us

Greyhound racing first appeared on Wentworth Park land in 1932. Interest in the sport grew over several years with the NSW National Coursing Association (NCA) forming an official lease agreement with the Wentworth Park Trust in 1939.

By the 1970's large crowds attended race meetings which could not be adequately accommodated by the stadium's facilities at that time. The NCA undertook construction of a large grandstand to accommodate what they envisaged would be the continued expansion of patronage. The decision was to be the catalyst for significant change and the start of a new direction for Wentworth Park. 

In the mid 1980's the NSW Greyhound Breeders Owners & Trainers Association (NSW GBOTA), who at that time were racing at nearby Harold Park, were moved by the Government into Wentworth Park to share the Complex and running costs. This was in line with the explosion in TAB shops, betting in pubs and moves by other sports organisations to showcase games on Friday and Saturday nights that all resulted in falling attendance numbers. 

Despite their long partnership with the Wentworth Park Trust, the NSW NCA terminated their agreement in 2008, to take up permanent residence at The Gardens racetrack in Newcastle (the club subsequently going into receivership). Subsequently the NSW GBOTA took over the operations of both racenight meetings held at Wentworth Park. 

In July 2010 racing moved from Saturday and Monday to Friday and Saturday evenings, making the sport more accessible to the social surroundings. 

Attendance to Wentworth Park Greyhounds in Sydney has entered something of a new Renaissance and in the past 2 years, having seen a rise in attendance numbers, especially by the inner-city and inner west demographic. 

Currently, as well as greyhound racing, the Complex is utilised for soccer, rugby league, rugby union, public exams, functions and community events. Local schools receive use of the facilities at no charge and the Trust encourages interaction with the community.