Bistro / Takeway / Bar

BISTRO (open Saturdays only)

The Wentworth Park Greyhounds Ground Floor bistro offers comfortable sit down dining with direct access to the concourse area and grandstand so you don't miss a moment of the racing action.

Sample menu below 


FRESH OYSTERS DAILY Natural or Kilpatrick        13.50

Fresh King Prawns                        13.50 

Smoked Salmon Plate                                                   12.00


Char-grilled Yearling Grain-Fed Rump Steak

Char Grilled T-Bone Steak

Served with Potato Mash Or Chips                            22.50


Pepper, Mushroom or Gravy 


Grilled w/Salad & chips or Veg.                Or     

Beer Batter Fish W/Chips, Lemon &Tartar Sauce         22.50

Roast of the Day served with Baked Potato, Fresh Mixed Seasonal Veg & Gravy   15.50

Veal Schnitzel W/chips & Salad                   21.50

Pasta /Lasagne         17.00

Curry                     18.00


Steamed Seasonal Vegetables                                  6.00

Chips                                               6.00

Garden Salad                                   6.00

Garlic/Turkish Bread                                5.00


Crumbed Chicken Tenderloin with Chips          10.00

Battered Fish w/Chips and Tartare Sauce                10.00


Blackboard Specials, Served w/cream or Ice Cream      6.50


Wentworth Park Greyhounds has recently opened a Pizza Bar in the coffee bar area on the Ground Floor. Large pizzas are $19 (serves two adults). Just look for the red Eames style dining chairs near the bookies and the main bar. 

TAKEAWAY FOOD (open all race meetings)

The takeway food area inside the grandstand offers hot food choices together with sandwich rolls, sandwiches and coffee. 
Sample menu


Hamburger     $7

Chicken Burger $8

Extras 80c each

MegaBites Hamburger (The Works)  $9

Meat Pie $5

Meat Pie, mushy peas and mash potato, topped with gravy $7

Regular Chips $5

Regular Wedges $5

Tempura Fish $5

Snack Box $8

Jacket Potatoes $8 

Choice of Bolognese | Tuna, corn & mayo | Hawaiian 

Hot Dogs  - on the track!

Plain Hot Dog - Continental Viennese smoked Frankfurt, served on soft bread roll with Mustard & Sauce   - $8

Chilli Dog - Continental Viennese smoked Frankfurt, served on soft bread roll with spicy chilli con carne & chilli sauce   - $8

Wenty Dog Continental Viennese smoked Frankfurt, served on soft bread roll with crispy bacon, jalapenos, avacado, fried onion & mustard mayo (house special)    - $9


Plated specials available on Wednesday race meetings from $10 per plate


Bars are located inside the grandstand area and in the Bistro. Sample prices below:


Beer (Bottles only) $

Hahn Light Beer     5.50

XXXX  Gold                      6.00

Tooheys New             6.00

Tooheys Old                            6.00

TEDS (Tooheys Extra Dry)     7.00

Super Dry                             7.00

Corona                                   8.50

Coopers Pale Ale                    7.50




Somersby Apple Cider            7.50



Wine- Sparkling

Veuve Cliquot                                  Bottle 95.00

Chardon NV Sparkling                     Bottle 45.00

Yellowgien Yellow Chard/Pin Noir   Bottle 30.00

Jacobs Creek Moscato 200ml         Bottle 8.50

Jacobs Creek Chard/Pin 200ml      Bottle 8.50

White Wine-

Petaluma Chardonnay                           Bottle 45.00

Manyara Sauv. Blanc                            Bottle 35.00

Arana Sauv. Blanc                                 Glass 8.50/Bottle 25.00

Steeple Jack Underwood Chardonnay  Glass 8.50/Bottle 25.00


Red Wine-

Henschke Henry's 7                             Bottle 45.00

Wild Oats Cab Mer                               Bottle 35.00

Two Truths Cab Sav          Glass 8.50/ Bottle 25.00

Two Truths Shiraz              Glass 8.50/Bottle 25.00






Johnny Walker Black Label     9.00

Johnny Walker Red Label       8.50

Southern Comfort                   8.50

Jack Daniels Sour Mash         8.50

Jim Beam Bourbon                 7.50

Canadian Club                        7.50

Smirnoff Red                           8.50

Russian Standard Vodka        7.50

Bundaberg U.P Rum              7.50

Bacardi Rum                           7.50

Gordons Dry London Gin        7.50

Black Labels   8.50




Spring Valley juice            3.50

Still Water Bottle   3.00

Sparkling Mineral Bottles        4.00

Soft Drink Cans/Glasses        3.50