Wentworth Park A2 Racing
10 Apr 2019
Wentworth Park
Nominations Close:
Monday 08 Apr 2019

Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Maiden Semi Final 520m (As determined by nominations) (Semi Finalists from heats on 3/4/19.)
Prize money: $4,800 / $1,480 / $1,100

New Sensation Non-graded Heats 520m (As determined by nominations) (Group 3 - The event is open to the best 40 greyhounds nominated plus reserves. Open to greyhounds whelped on or after 17/11/2016, and have won no more than 10 races from no more than 20 race starts at the time of nomination closing. Greyhounds with one win are eligible. Maidens are ineligible. Where less than 40 nominations are received the NSW GBOTA and GRNSW reserve the right to determine the number of heats conducted. )
Prize money: $3,000 / $920 / $690
Date of Final: 20 Apr 2019
Final Prize Money: $25,000