Wentworth Park City Racing
21 Mar 2020
Wentworth Park
Nominations Close:
Tuesday 17 Mar 2020

Golden Easter Egg 4/5th Grade Prelude 520m (2 heats) (Best 16 greyhounds nominated plus reserves that are 4th or 5th Grade. Greyhounds may compete in more than one Prelude but winners (including dead-heaters) of any Prelude are not eligible to contest further Preludes. Greyhounds winning a Prelude will be granted Priority Entry if nominated for the Heats of the Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg.)
Prize money: $5,700 / $1,750 / $1,315

4/5th Grade Stake 720m
Prize money: $5,700 / $1,750 / $1,315

Masters Stake 520m (Greyhounds will be drawn on a Masters Grade/Pointscore basis. Stake can contain M1/M2/M3 grades combined. The number of Masters events that will be run is based on flow of nominations.)
Prize money: $5,000 / $1,500 / $1,100