Wentworth Park A2 Racing
3 Apr 2019
Wentworth Park
Nominations Close:
Monday 01 Apr 2019

Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Maiden Heats 520m (As determined by nominations) (Group 3 - Open to 88 maiden greyhounds plus reserves. Where less than 88 nominations are received the NSW GBOTA and GRNSW reserve the right to determine the number of heats conducted. To be eligible nominated greyhounds must have contested and passed a GRNSW sanctioned Performance Trial or an official race, in line with GRNSW Grading Policy conditions. Semi-finals determined by a formula which recognizes finishing positions and recorded times in Heats. Guarding does not apply in semi-finals. Semi-finals composition determined purely on Heat performance. Number of semis determined by Number of heats conducted. )
Prize money: $2,500 / $760 / $580
Date of Final: 20 Apr 2019
Final Prize Money: $25,000