Wentworth Park A2 Racing
6 Feb 2019
Wentworth Park
Nominations Close:
Monday 04 Feb 2019

Mixed Stake 720m (0-3 wins)
Prize money: $2,900 / $890 / $670

Masters Stake 520m (Greyhounds will be drawn on a Masters Grade/Pointscore basis. Stake can contain M1/M2/M3 grades combined. The number of Masters events that will be run is based on flow of nominations.)
Prize money: $2,500 / $760 / $580

Maiden Heats 520m (As determined by nominations) (Best 32 plus reserves as determined under GRNSW TAB Grading Policy. A maximum of 4 heats to be drawn. NSW GBOTA and GRNSW reserve the right to reduce the number of heats to be conducted in the event of insufficient nominations being received. No PT's conducted at WP. )
Prize money: $1,600 / $490 / $370
Date of Final: 13 Feb 2019
Final Prize Money: $5,000